Everything you need to know about growing green grams
By Kelvin Ogega 27th Jun, 2022
Kenya's major green grams producing counties include Kitui, Makueni, Tharaka Nithi, Machakos, Meru and Embu.

Honey bees feeling cozy in concrete beehives
By Kelvin Ogega 24th Jun, 2022
Pollinator populations have crashed worldwide due to a variety of reasons, including pesticide and herbicide exposure, invasive pests and diseases, loss of habitat and a changing climate.

The healing benefits of magical lavender
By Kelvin Ogega 31st May, 2022
Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty, sweet floral fragrance and multiple uses.

Want to grow capsicum? Here's your complete guide
By Kelvin Ogega 23rd May, 2022
Capsicum is a healthy vegetable that can be eaten raw and cooked, often as a side vegetable, especially due to the vegetable’s crispiness.

Give maize a break Try me some sorghum
By Kelvin Ogega 27th Apr, 2022
Sorghum is drought-resistant, therefore quite popular in drier areas. In Kenya it is grown in Western, North Rift Valley, Eastern and some parts of Central.

Health benefits of Millet and how to grow
By Kelvin Ogega 12th Apr, 2022
According to ICRISAT, some of the legumes that can thrive in asals are beans, chickpeas, cowpea, sorghum, millet, green grams among others are crops that do well in dry regions.


Move from talk to action, CS Tobiko challenges corporates in climate action
By Hellen Miseda 06th Jul, 2022
Sadly, when the oceans are polluted with plastics and other toxins and acidified, they cannot play their critical role of cooling the heat and purify the air.

Anthrax; Here is all you need to know
By Dr Joseph Othieno 05th Jul, 2022
The disease occurs and is fatal in wild and domestic herbivores like antelope, cattle, camel, sheep and goats.

How to reduce disease risk
By Dr Watson Messo 05th Jul, 2022
The period between one flock and the next is referred to as ‘downtime’ or ‘turn-around’. We consider everything that had contact with the previous flock to be ‘dirty’ until it is decontaminated.

Fruitful at 80: Mama Tarus Avocado and pineapple orchard
By Lynn Kolongei 05th Jul, 2022
She despises laziness, and nothing bothers her more like an unkempt farm. For this reason the grandmother chose to employ a farm manager and never a house help.

BT Cotton sowing hope to farmers; but where are the seeds?
By John Shilitsa 05th Jul, 2022
AFA introduced BT cotton varieties and farmers liked them because they are early maturing, high yielding and resistant to pests and diseases.

Teen's groundnut idea to outsmart climate change
By Hellen Miseda 05th Jul, 2022
Nikita said they are particularly keen on groundnuts from Turkana because they have been proven to be aflatoxin free.