Beating the virus: Online marketplace links farmers to buyers
By Peter Muiruri 02nd May, 2020
Virtual markets have not only eliminated the cost of reaching the market but also the number of players in the value chain.

Lessons from organic farmers who dared to dream big
By Peter Muiruri 12th May, 2021
The global market for organic food is estimated to be worth $100 billion.

Pesticides residue problem must be tackled head on
By Peter Muiruri 12th May, 2021
The key destinations taking over 60 per cent of Kenyan products are European Union and the United Kingdom

Peeling avocados huge potential in the market
By Peter Muiruri 20th Dec, 2020
The National Horticultural Policy cites poor uptake of modern methods of farming as one of the key challenges

Sand dams project gives farmers new lease of life
By Peter Muiruri 05th Dec, 2020
Every year, over 100 such dams are constructed in Machakos, Makueni and Kitui counties.

New policy to breathe life into Kenya’s dying soils
By Peter Muiruri 05th Dec, 2020
The loss of such vital soil nutrients continues to affect the country’s food security.


Relief for farmers after getting nod to sell their coffee without brokers
By Victor Nzuma 03rd Aug, 2021
The union has affiliate coffee societies in Machakos and Makueni counties.

Scheme to use drones for communal spraying, increase output
By Anne Atieno 03rd Aug, 2021
The Lower Kuja Irrigation Scheme management will incorporate drones to end quelea birds menace

KALRO produces potato varieties with longer shelf life
By Jennifer Anyango 03rd Aug, 2021
The variety matures early, it is highly prolific, cooks faster.

Senegalese plant circular gardens in Green Wall defence against desert
By Thomson Reuters Foundation 02nd Aug, 2021
The project aims to create hundreds of circular gardens that organisers hope will boost food security and reduce regional desertification

How dairy keeping turned to be my best retirement plan
By Kevine Omollo 02nd Aug, 2021
Other expenses include Sh6,000 monthly for the farm helper and Sh150 per week on pesticide spray.

Team wants fishermen in Lake Naivasha reduced
By Antony Gitonga 02nd Aug, 2021
The number of fishermen at Lake Naivasha needs to be reduced to make fishing sustainable.