From cruising European skies to farming herbs
By Kevine Omollo 08th Apr, 2021
With the situation of the pandemic getting worse, she is not sure of ever getting her job back.

Woman turns love of grass to dairy farming
By Kevine Omollo 02nd May, 2020
Her success is down to proper feeding, early detection and management of diseases and being present to ensure everything goes as planned

Kale variety is gold for farmer
By Kevine Omollo 26th Apr, 2020
‘A thousand-headed’ which is resilient to diseases, grows tall and is ready for harvesting after four months

Quick growing kales changed my fortunes
By Kevine Omollo 30th Mar, 2020
When Maurice Oloo dropped out of school due to lack of fees, he became be a boda boda rider.

Key lessons from China on modern fish farming
By Kevine Omollo 07th Mar, 2020
Fish farmer shares lessons that have enabled him to multiply his returns

I use factory waste to grow healthy veggies
By Kevine Omollo 24th Nov, 2018
Instead of fertiliser, farmer is using factory waste to grow healthy indigenous vegetables on his four-acre farm


Why purple tea bubble has burst
By Nikko Tanui 23rd Apr, 2021
It was developed in 2009 as a premium variety, but farmers are realising that it is not as profitable as earlier thought.

County sinks boreholes to ease access to clean water
By Irissheel Shanzu 22nd Apr, 2021
Emmanuel Anna, a resident of Kasses village, said they share water with wild animals and livestock.

Coffee farmers reap big as sector makes Sh17 billion
By Lydiah Nyawira and Nderitu Gichure 21st Apr, 2021
Weakening of shilling against the dollar has also seen farmers get better earnings according to Githinji.

Why maize farming is a bitter pill in North Rift
By Titus Too 21st Apr, 2021
Lack of fertiliser subsidy could push maize production costs to Sh3,200 per 90kg bag this year.

Farmers to elect leaders under the new tea law
By Wainaina Ndung'u 21st Apr, 2021
In a press statement yesterday, KTDA said it had nothing to hide regarding its operations.

Government ups fight with KTDA bosses
By Awal Mohammed 20th Apr, 2021
Agriculture CS says the State will ensure tea farmers get their fair share of the crop and do away with middlemen who have infiltrated the sector.