Pastoralists organise Camel Caravan for conservation of River
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 04th Jul, 2022
The river which is a lifeline for over four million people and seven million animals in the nine counties, now on the verge of drying up.

What do you do when your animal dies mysteriously
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 20th Jun, 2022
Post-mortem for different animals is almost the same save for a few differences.

Responsible dog management: When man's best friend turns aggressive
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 16th May, 2022
Feed the dogs good quality food in right quantities. Never let your dogs starve. Dogs are carnivores and hunger can lead them to cannibalism and the owner is not out of the equation.

Bees: how to start an apiary?
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 01st Apr, 2022
Hives and methods of bee keeping have improved greatly in modern times which allow harvesting of honey while preserving the bee colonies.

Using Spaying to control pet population
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 18th Mar, 2022
As a pet owner, it is prudent to be conscious of the number of animals under your care.

If you get it right pig breeding, you will reap fat profits
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 18th Feb, 2022
You want to raise gilts that will give birth to as many piglets as possible that are fast growing as well as quality boars that are physically and sex


Farmer's fortunes changed by growing cassava
By Japheth Makau 13th Aug, 2022
The government through Roots and Tuber Strategic Plan has put in place a framework to stimulate and promote root crops such as cassava.

Kirinyaga farmers take up organic farming
By Jane Mugambi 13th Aug, 2022
Organic produce markets have been established at Kutus and Kagio and the ministry is planning to open others in the county.

Climate Change: Grazing systems cut ASAL Kenya drought risk
By Kelley Boss 13th Aug, 2022
For pastoralists, livestock is the main source of wealth. Losing animals to drought adds an extra layer of vulnerability.

Women hit more by climate risk than men
By The Conversation 12th Aug, 2022
Cultural norms and gendered discrimination in entrepreneurship influence the sectors and businesses women tend to work.

Your cows and chicks are freezing keep them warm
By Rosa Agutu 10th Aug, 2022
Farm Kenya resident veterinarian Dr Paul Kang’ethe says the cold weather is a huge challenge to animals especially the young ones.

Farmers' lobby proposes measures to fix animal feed crisis
By Peter Theuri 09th Aug, 2022
A tough stance by the government on importation of non-genetically modified maize worsened the feed problem in the past few months.