Zai pits innovation helps farmers outsmart climate change
By Hellen Asewe Miseda 24th Oct, 2021
World Agroforestry Centre describes it as a traditional rainwater harvesting that is popular in several West African countries.

Planning to dive into dairy keeping after retirement? Here's your guide
By Hellen Asewe Miseda 26th Sep, 2020
This programme is developed by the vet together with the farmer and ensures proper healthcare and improved productivity.

Nine winning tricks to jump start your poultry business
By Hellen Asewe Miseda 26th Sep, 2020
Feed birds based on body requirements and feed grams per bird per day.

What you need to know about contract brooding
By Hellen Asewe Miseda 19th Sep, 2020
Brooding is the provision of artificial heat or warmth to chicks in the absence of their parents.

Practical solutions to keep deadly mites away from your poultry house
By Hellen Asewe Miseda 06th Sep, 2020
These mites live in backyard flocks and are known to reproduce well during hot and warm climate. Mombasa is obviously an ideal environment.

Beware of this killer disease that spares vaccinated cattle
By Hellen Asewe Miseda 20th Jul, 2020
Vaccination or use of vaccines is a very cost effective animal diseases preventive measure.


Police confiscate eggs worth Sh2.7m from Uganda
By James Omoro 28th Oct, 2021
The police are looking for the driver and his turn boy who were transporting the 7,800 crates of eggs from the neighbouring country.

Insurance helps herders cope with biting drought
By Peter Muiruri 28th Oct, 2021
In a county like Isiolo where little food grows in the rocky soil, a man without livestock loses his standing in society.

Planning for the growing season
By George Mbakahya 28th Oct, 2021
A greenhouse is a safe option to start plants earlier in the season or to extend longer-to-harvest vegetables.

Miraa to be removed from hard drugs list – Matiang’i
By Winfrey Owino 27th Oct, 2021
Other countries have also shown interest in opening up their markets for the product.

Why the galla goat is gaining popularity in asal counties
By Dr Othieno Joseph 25th Oct, 2021
Galla goats have good growth rates even in harsh drought conditions.

To milk millions, you need right numbers
By Gardy Chacha 25th Oct, 2021
Dairy farming is intensive and hands-on, says Gathii.