How to minimise moisture loss in farms and maximise crop yields
By Farm Kenya Reporter 09th Aug, 2021
Calibration of sprayers and planters are key for successful best farming practices.

Farmers to showcase produce at city harvest festival
By Farm Kenya Reporter 01st Aug, 2021
Located on Kiambu Road, the Nairobi Farmers Market specialises in stocking fresh farm produce

Report: Climate threat brewing for tea crop
By Farm Kenya Reporter 24th May, 2021
A new report shows Kenya is facing a host of climate-related impacts such as rising temperatures that hurt tea farmers

“Why I love dryland farming”
By Farm Kenya Reporter 13th Feb, 2021
Food crops, she says, require specific amounts of water for the best results.


Saving chicks from early death in farms
By Dr Watson Messo Odwako 24th Oct, 2021
Brooding is the provision of artificial heat to help the chicks in temperature regulation.

Zai pits innovation helps farmers outsmart climate change
By Hellen Asewe Miseda 24th Oct, 2021
World Agroforestry Centre describes it as a traditional rainwater harvesting that is popular in several West African countries.

Why every farmer must start harvesting rain water
By Hellen Miseda 24th Oct, 2021
The water can be collected in large tanks like cisterns or using tarps and it is then stored in containers until it is needed

Push-pull technology vital in enhancing agricultural productivity
By Stephen Wakhu 24th Oct, 2021
Push-pull technology is one of the strategies that has been used to overcome these constraints in Western Kenya.

Agriculture CS given a week to formulate plan to reduce cost of animal feed
By Jael Mboga 21st Oct, 2021
Uhuru directed Treasury to allocate Sh1 billion to the Agriculture ministry for the completion of the ongoing targeted interventions.

Farmer ditches tea for avocados
By Nathan Ochunge 19th Oct, 2021
Prices offered by tea companies were demeaning and you had to wait for a long time before getting paid.