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How to remove hard water stains from your utensils

 When glass is washed with hard water, it can leave ugly stains (Photo: Shutterstock)

Hard water is water that contains a high amount of mineral deposits like lime, silica and calcium. When this water is used on utensils such as those made of stainless steel, glass and delicate items like chinaware, it can leave ugly water stains.

Don’t despair, you don’t have to throw any of these water-stained utensils away. The tips below will help you rescue your beloved utensils.

Items you will need

You could use either a commercially made product or a homemade one to remove hard water stains. 

For a homemade solution, you will need distilled white vinegar. Avoid using apple cider vinegar or other types as they will not give the expected results. 

Cold water is more preferable than hot or warm water.

 Soak the dishes in a water-vinegar solution to get rid of the stains (Photo: Shutterstock)


1. In a sink or basin, put half vinegar and half water. As you place your utensils in the water, do it one at a time ensuring that both sides are in the water. 

2. Allow them to soak for three to four hours. This gives the vinegar time to break down the hard water particles. You will know the process has started when you see bubbles forming on the soaked dishes. 

3. If you need to clean more dishes than can fit in your sink or basin, do them in batches. Add more vinegar with every batch to ensure the solution remains effective. 

4. Once the stipulated time has elapsed, remove the dishes from the water, rinse them and dry them either with a clean dish cloth or paper towels. 

To prevent more hard water stains, do this every few months. 

5. If you use a dishwasher, add the distilled white vinegar to the rinse aid dispenser. This will help rid your utensils of hard water stains and prevent new ones.

A clean dishwasher won’t show hard water damage. Thus, once a month, to rid your dishwasher of hard water, run it with no dishes in it, putting half a cup of distilled white vinegar in the bottom and some baking soda in the detergent holder. You will notice that it works better when it is clean.

Once you get rid of the hard water stains, your utensils will look more presentable making you even more house proud.?

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