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How to celebrate Easter despite the coronavirus lockdown

 You can have video calls to catch up and feel closer to your dear ones (Shutterstock)

This year’s Easter celebrations might be different in comparison to the other years. Nonetheless, this religious tradition can still be preserved and celebrated in a special way. As the norm, every year Christians all over the world share meals with family and friends to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the spirit of preventing the spread of coronavirus, many people are finding themselves separated from their loved ones. With Easter around the corner, here are ways you can still celebrate the holiday remotely from your home and without a social gathering

Have video conferences with family and friends

Video conferences will ensure you celebrate together with your loved ones that you are geographically separated with. Arrange on a time you can all be available and have call to catch up and spread the spirit of Easter. You can make this magical by ensuring you are all having a meal during the call. That way it feels realer even as you share jokes and have fun.

During the video calls, you can plan Bible trivia games or karaoke.

However, it is good to note that one person should coordinate the video call to avoid everyone talking all at the same time.

Cook your family delicacies

As it is a tradition to break bread together during this holiday, you can prepare a special meal or cook your family delicacies as that will make you feel closer to your dear ones. For those who are confined in the house with their families, you can still share meals with your family under one roof.

Sharing a delicacy together as a family and not letting the day roll by is a start to enjoying the Easter holiday. Despite the restrictions put in place regarding social distancing and staying home, you can still have a good time with your immediate family members.

 You can prepare a special meal or cook your family delicacies (Shutterstock)

Dress up for the holiday

Since you will be staying home and not really visiting or going anywhere, you don’t have to dress down and sit on the couch all day. It’s Easter, you don’t have to sit and do nothing. You can actually put on your Sunday best and pump life into you holiday.

Dressing up can be a good way to preserve memories of how differently you have celebrated Easter. Have photo sessions and film the events of the day for memories and for your children.

 You can have interactive sessions with your family members, such as painting eggs (Shutterstock)

Organize Easter themed games within the house

If you like it extra, you can go as far as decorating your house and having interactive sessions with your family members such as painting eggs and creating art. You can also organize Easter themed games, such as Egg hunts, that you can play around the house to keep your big day engaging. Ultimately, you can surprise one another with gifts.

Stream Easter services online

Contact your church and inquire if they will be having live services online during the Easter holiday. This way you can still attend church from your home and honour this holiday.

You can also watch Easter themed movies together as you share meals.

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