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Four home remedies to keep dark circles away

Skin Care
 Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes [Courtesy]

Dark under eye circles are a silent confidence killer. We all want to look radiant every morning while we prepare to leave the house but noticing those dark shadows under your eyes can make you want to cancel all your plans.

If you know, you know.

While there are many cover ups like makeup and invasive cosmetic procedures to keep them away, you’ll find that using certain home remedies can give you the results you want without necessarily breaking the bank and going through the down time some of these procedures have.

Here are some of those simple home solutions worth a try.

Use some potatoes

Adding potatoes to your beauty regimen is a great way to clear your under eyes. They’re great because you can find them almost anywhere and they are packed with vitamin C along with tons of enzymes that will remove the circles quickly.

 Adding potatoes to your beauty regimen is a great way to clear your under eyes [Courtesy]

To use this remedy, wash one potato to get the dirt out, cut one slice for each eye and place the two slices in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Once they’re cool, remove them and place them on your closed eyes for at least 20 minutes before rinsing your face with warm water.

Treat with tea bags

The best teas that will help you are herbal options like black and green teas that contain tannin and other antioxidants to eliminate dark circles as well as puffiness.

Others you can find easily are chamomile and lavender tea.

You will get all the benefits by letting the bags brew in hot water for a few minutes then remove and drain the bags a little bit before placing them in the fridge to chill them.

Remove them and immediately place them on your eyes while they’re still cold for about 15 minutes then rinse.

 The best teas that will help you are herbal options like black and green teas [Courtesy]
Massage Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is known to have many health and beauty benefits. You can use it for your hair care needs and, in this case, you can use it as a home solution for dark eye circles.

You have the option of purchasing or extracting the gel directly if you have a plant at home.

Before bed, start by washing your face then apply the gel under your eyes while massaging it in for a few minutes. You can then let it stay on or rinse it off.

If you choose to buy some, I would recommend you buy from reputable sellers especially because many usually mix in unnecessary chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Get more rest

Not getting enough hours of sleep is the main reason you will start to see the dark circles. This is worsened by seasons of stress and long hours of screen time especially before bed.

The simple solution is being strict with your bed time so that you can get a full eight hours of rest. Also, minimize on the screen time by keeping your phone away before bed and taking regular breaks away from your computer while you work.

When it comes to stress, find healthy outlets to avoid piling the pressure on yourself which will eventually affect how you look.

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