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Chicken fed with cannabis record high yields


A farm which grows medical marijuana in Thailand has been adding crushed cannabis to chicken feed and water in place of antibiotics.  After one year, researchers from Chiang Mai University have reported impressive results from the feeding practice. The practice has yielded healthier poultry and lowered the mortality rate. The meat which has been labelled 'Ganja Meat' has been reported to be softer and tastier. 

"Researchers from Chiang Mai University's Department of Animal and Aquatic Sciences said fewer than 10% of the 1000 chickens at the farm in Lampang have died since they introduced marijuana to the Chicken's diet in January 2021," Insider reported.

According to one of the researchers, associate Professor Chompunut Lumsangkul, it is likely that marijuana has bio-active compounds which promote better health conditions thus boosting birds' immune system. Professor Lumsangkul revealed, " ...the researchers have yet to test if the cannabis feed helps to protect the chickens against bird flu or other severe diseases."

As the demand for chicken in Thailand increases, many farmers have resorted to using antibiotics. Many poultry consumers are seeking a safer product thus settling on the "Ganja chicken." The chicken is fetching double the normal price since consumers are seeking organic chicken.

"Consumers in Thailand have been paying attention to this because demand is increasing for chickens and many farmers have to use antibiotics. So some customers want to find a safer product," Lumsangkul said.

Earlier this month, Thailand government became the first Asian country to legalize growing of cannabis and its consumption in foods and drinks. The government however stipulated that smoking of bhang for recreational purposes is prohibited. Those who smoke in public are subject to $780 fine and three-month sentence.

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