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Ways to prevent occupational stress

 Ways to prevent occupational stress (Photo: iStock)

The pursuit of professional success and personal fulfillment can take a toll on anyone and it becomes easy to feel overwhelmed. Deadlines are looming, commitments are piling up and suddenly, the tasks you once juggled effortlessly seem to be slipping through your grasp.

But before stress consumes you and your to-do list becomes an insurmountable mountain, it's crucial to recognise the warning signs that you might be dropping the ball.

If you find yourself constantly pushing deadlines to the last minute relying on eleventh-hour heroics to complete tasks just because you are not well prepared will have an impact on your mental health.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found a strong correlation between procrastination and perfectionism. The fear of not doing something perfectly can lead to delaying the start altogether.

Break down large projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. Schedule dedicated time slots in your calendar for each task and reward yourself for completing them on time.

When it comes to meetings and appointments slipping through the cracks leaving you scrambling to catch up on missed information and decisions, you have a problem managing your time. Studies emphasise the importance of face-to-face interaction in fostering collaboration and communication.

Missing meetings can create communication gaps and hinder project progress. You do not want to be that person in the office who never shows up and never knows what is going on. Download planners, utilize calendar reminders and set up alerts for upcoming engagements. Delegate tasks that others can handle to free up time for crucial matters.

Is your email inbox overflowing with unanswered messages creating a constant source of anxiety and a breeding ground for forgotten tasks? As tempting as it may be, checking emails excessively can hinder focus and lead to a decline in overall productivity.

Schedule specific times throughout the day to check and respond to emails. Utilise email filtering tools to categorise messages and prioritise important ones. Consider implementing a two-minute rule for instance for emails that can be addressed within two minutes then deal with them immediately to avoid them piling up.

Deadlines you once met with ease are now consistently missed, leading to frustration for yourself and those who rely on you. A University of California study found that missed deadlines can erode trust and damage professional relationships.

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