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Keep a busy house clean with these tips

 Keep a busy house clean with these tips (Photo: iStock)

Ensuring a clean and organised living space is essential for a healthy and peaceful home environment.

However, the presence of multiple occupants like children after closing school or visiting relatives during extended periods can present challenges in maintaining a consistent cleaning routine. This however is not an excuse to fold your arms and sit back as you watch cockroaches take over.

There are effective strategies for tackling household cleaning tasks while everyone is at home fostering a sense of shared responsibility and minimising disruption to daily life.

Collaborative planning:

Convene a household meeting to discuss cleaning expectations and responsibilities. Encourage open communication to understand individual preferences and schedules.

Develop a cleaning schedule that assigns specific tasks to each resident factoring in their age. This promotes a sense of ownership and accountability. Rotate chores periodically to ensure fairness and prevent feelings of resentment.

Certain tasks, like deep cleaning a bathroom or tackling a cluttered living room might be more efficiently handled collaboratively. Working together can foster responsibility and accountability.

Streamlining the cleaning process:

Instead of undertaking a marathon cleaning session, consider implementing a system of short, focused cleaning periods throughout the day. For example, a quick 10-minute tidy-up after breakfast can significantly reduce clutter and maintain a sense of order.

Coordinate cleaning tasks with individual schedules. Perhaps vacuuming can happen while someone watches TV, or laundry can be folded during downtime. This allows for multi-tasking and minimises disruptions to daily routines.

Invest in cleaning products and tools that are efficient and user-friendly. Microfiber cloths can eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, while wet and dry vacuum cleaners can keep dust and debris under control during the day.

Maintaining a cooperative environment:

Maintain open communication about cleaning expectations to those you live with and those who also come to visit for an extended period.

If someone needs to deviate from the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, a simple heads-up can prevent frustration and resentment. They should be able to tell you.

Acknowledge and appreciate individual and collective cleaning efforts like a simple “thank you” or a celebratory treat can go a long way in upholding morale and fostering a spirit of collaboration.

Have realistic expectations because life happens. Unexpected events may necessitate a shift in the cleaning schedule. Be prepared to adapt and reschedule tasks to accommodate everyone’s needs.

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