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Help! My career is not growing

 My career is stalling! Can you help me get back on track? [Courtesy, Freepik]

Hi Chris,

I am young, and in many ways, I am enjoying the best time of my life. But my career is stalling! Can you help me get back on track?


Hi Stalling!

First, renew your sense of urgency. It’s easy to let each day slip by without doing the things that push your career along. Whether it’s revising for your exams, networking, or an important assignment at work, make every moment count! Get up earlier and drop the late nights.

Do not expect your talents to be ‘spotted’. This world is a hard place and only takes notice of results. Even the most gifted people have to work hard for their success. So be the first one in every morning and over-deliver. And if your boss is hard to please? Good!

Working for someone who pushes your limits will help you build all the right skills for the future. Never let yourself start thinking that things should be easy. 

Skilled jobseekers build their career through the people they know. So network with your friends from college, especially those of them who ended up in organisations you might like to work for.

Develop as many business relationships as possible, and become someone who does favours and who introduces people to one another. You will instantly be more impactful and remembered. 

Develop skills that make you stand out. Perfect grammar, vivid letters, brilliant research. Be super discrete on social media. Just one inappropriate post could destroy your career. Read more books instead!

And spend less than you make. Leave the fancy car, expensive apartment and nightlife for the future. No matter how much money you make, spending less means you can develop the financial flexibility you need to pursue your dreams. Develop the right skills and attitudes, an impressive CV and a brilliant network, and your career will take off.

All the best,


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