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How to nurture your femininity

 How to nurture your femininity (Photo: iStock)

In general, humans have two basic balances, masculine and feminine. We are a mix of both, but women are predominantly feminine and men are predominantly masculine.

Of course, there are exceptions to this but for most of us, there is just something inside us that feels more relaxed when we are living in our true nature.

This is a very broad subject, but for the sake of argument, let us explore femininity and how you can nurture your feminine side.

Discover your femininity

Often, people assume that femininity is about being super girly and wearing dresses every day but it’s not. It’s much more complex than that because we all have unique personality types.

For example, one person’s femininity might be about being very girly while another’s is more of a tomboy type. You can also find that some people are comfortable with being a dominant feminine while others prefer to have a softer, submissive femininity.

Take time to understand what your specific feminine type is so that it feels authentic to you.

List the habits you would want to get rid of

The next step is to be honest with yourself about those habits that aren’t encouraging your feminine side. This could be cussing, laughing loudly in public, your dressing choices or any other thing that might not be working in your favour.

List those things down so that you can see what you need to work on. This will encourage you to be more aware of those bad habits you don’t notice often.

Practice everyday

Getting rid of old habits and incorporating new ones isn’t a one-day thing. This is a process that can take months or even years before you become the person you want to be.

Therefore, do your best to practice every single day so that with time, you will automatically absorb those feminine habits you desire to have. But you do need to ensure you’re being consistent to avoid retrogressing into your old self again.

Include a self-care routine in your plans

Self-care is a big part of femininity. When you’re giving yourself that attention, you feel better both physically and emotionally, which can allow you to exude peaceful feminine energy.

You will need to come up with a weekly and monthly routine that you can keep up with so that you don’t end up neglecting yourself. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be a complex one because even a simple pamper routine can get the job done well.

Be open to learning new things

The other thing that will greatly help you along the way is research. Some so many websites and videos can educate you on the world of femininity and connect you with other like-minded people out there who are also on the same journey.

When you’re constantly researching, you will also learn how other people are nurturing their feminine side and get to know more habits that could be sabotaging your progress. This will keep you motivated and encourage you to make progress. 

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