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Viable startups for young women

 Viable startups for young women (Photo: iStock)

The success rate of startups this year among young women may turn out to be different as compared to other years due to several factors. These include unpredictable economic times, high dollar exchange rates, low purchasing power among the citizens and a competitive business environment, which also happens to be the major issue in most startups.

Today, young women need to be fast learners on the importance of mixing their passions and niche-solving skills.

Whether you are already working on it or you are banking on how to start it, scaling its faster growth is what you are looking for and with hard work and making the right choice of business, your start-up can be the next big company.

Since in almost all instances, you may have to finance your start-up on your own, to take care of risks it's always advisable not to invest so much capital at the beginning. Several startups have been started with low capital, hard work and persistence and they have flourished.

In most of these startups, you will not require an office. However, you may need good credibility, trust as well as referrals. But as the business grows branches out. When you reach the stage of branching out, your start-up is already a success.


Whether you are considering a content creator selling things in online stores or even opening an online shop. This start-up is not expensive to start.

However, it’s one of the startups that need a lot of marketing and collaborations for you to break the ceiling. If lights and cameras are not your thing, then you can manage content and social media platforms for others.

With content, a lot of consistency is required and discovering your niche can go a long way. Online shops have proven to do well and turn into big ventures especially if you offer a unique taste, trust and excellent customer service in whatever you are selling.

Online space may sometimes look crowded but when you find your audience whom you can turn to customers depending on what you are selling this start-up is something you can bank on


Something that can make you feel like you are not working a day in your life this year, is starting something that you are passionate about.

If you love cooking start marketing yourself as a private chef, a lot of people are now starting to outsource meal preps and are looking forward to hiring you.  some may be looking for someone to help cook for their guests and that is where you come in.

If you have a passion and required qualities in teaching always sell Yourself to your neighbors and start personal classes of what you teach. Whichever the level of education, with low capital it is easy to do and the risks involved are not so high. It also comes with fulfilment before the reward.

Graphic design also requires more passion and creativity. If you are the type of person who has mastered the art of creativity and can do graphic design find that business name and make a logo for yourself/ we live in a world where graphic designers have an ever-growing customer base.


The world is on the move and what cannot be digitized is delegated, and this is where some startups may flourish this year. If you are looking to help out in this. Running errands for people, becoming a personal shopper or subcontracting help for others. This will bear fruits.

For you to start this, you may be required to have a lot of knowledge in almost everything (Jacqueline of all trades). Being a Jacqueline of all trades requires you to know almost all trades you would love to deal with.

If you can be cupid, so many lovers who would like to have the love of their lives gifted and since they do not have the idea of how best to go about it, starting a gift shop can be the way to go and specially offer delivery. Making people happy is the first way to get referrals.


Around you, there has to be a problem you can solve. There could be a need for a cleaning service that takes care of the neighbourhood carpets and homes. There could also be a need for daycare for parents whose kids come early from school and they do not have a stable nanny to keep them company until their parents arrive from work.

Startups start from minimum capital so you need to think of a business that will grow fast without the need for too much funding. Solving a problem is an easy way to get started.

Spot a problem in your area. There are plenty, choose the one you are passionate about solving and ensure that you get the knowledge of how to do it and start from there.

In business and startup risks cannot be avoided, always understand that the main ingredients for your start-up to succeed are hard work, Consistency and patience. Always give your start-up up best shot in case it does not survive be grateful to yourself, tap yourself on the shoulder and start another one.

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