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What do men really want?

 What do men really want? (Photo: iStock)

Our mums trained us the way to a man's heart is the stomach. If a man paraded women he dated, we would wonder what his taste is.

In recent times men are adjusting to certain realities of life better than us. They have for example accepted that they are not superior to women in terms of intellectual endowment. They appreciate that the brains of both females and males have a similar developmental process and it is foolhardy for one gender to think of the other as inferior. They also acknowledge that while they are superior in brutal strength, we are the shrewder ones in terms of mind engagements and can run rings around them at will.

There are a lot of things our mothers did not tell us about them though. We have failed to nail down a clear understanding of who men are or what they want. A man can love a woman with all his full heart yet still fit other women in his lungs and pancreas perfectly.

Like our mothers, we seem to not quite understand how many organs in their bodies are capable of holding emotions and transmitting it to women. You see, they are the kings of inconsistency. While they are known to draw relevance from their role in provisioning, these sons of Adam can actually fail to provide for one woman and yet still go out to add a second wife that they are unable to fend for. The same man would not entertain any form of intellectual indulgence from the mother of his kids citing cockiness from the woman.

It is difficult to understand how the same person can admire one quality in one woman and loathe the same characteristic in another woman. Our mothers trained us that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. However, we are left confused because our men prefer to eat out than to come home. Maybe there should have been a disclaimer indicating that men love food made by strangers in exotic spaces.

If a man were to parade all the women he has dated, we would wonder what his taste is. He would have all forms of body shapes, ranging from short and plumb to skinny, tall options.

There would be dark ones and light-skinned ones and while some would be noise makers, others would be the quiet type who only wriggle their trunks and laugh hysterically while flying into cloud nine.

When we have jobs, they complain that we lack time to nurture a family yet the same men look down upon stay-at-home wives.

There is need for a professional arm of academia whose focus would be to question the men. Maybe, like them, we should accept some stubborn facts that we have to live with for as long as we need them in our space.

The reality they will always be blowing hot and cold on all fronts leaving us guessing what's happening inside their brains as we fumble to deliver on objectives that are forever undefined.

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