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Things to know before travelling this season

Leisure and Travel
 Things to know before travelling this season (Photo: iStock)

The festive season is here. The festive season is mostly about travelling and Kenyans most probably are planning to join the rest of the world in celebrating the holidays through local and international travelling, and visiting relatives, and friends while holidaying. 

By now many will have plans in place, but for those who for some reason or other have not been able to, this is the time to do so, especially if your travel plans include travelling by air, road, rail, or car hire. You do not want to miss out on your means of travel. 

Here are some tips to consider as you plan for the holidays;

While travel is about letting up, exploring new places, and visiting family and friends to celebrate the festive cheer, remember you will be leaving your comfort zone, plan with this in mind as a healthy prescription of caution can save you from danger and keep you safe and alive. 

If you are travelling by air, rail or water, you will require special clearance that includes identification documents and go through certain procedures that all travellers must go through before boarding. Some public transport vehicles, especially those that cover long distances, (inter-county) such as shuttles require passengers to identify themselves before, they can travel. 

Whether you prefer travelling with a suitcase or a travel bag, it is important to invest in a quality luggage carrier that will make your packing, and travel easy. If you are travelling as a family, mark the luggage for easy identification and ensure you know the number of suitcases carrier bags and other luggage that you are taking along with you.

A good travel luggage suitcase or bag should have features like pockets and compartments to help keep you organised, and zippers that will hold even if you have overstuffed the luggage carrier (it can be quite embarrassing if a zipper gives way in public). The wheels should also provide a smooth rolling experience that makes walking with the luggage easy. 

Keep in mind that the season of cheer comes along with lots of misfortunes. It is the time when burglary, petty thieving, and pick-pocketing at places of embankment and disembarkation and other crowded or lonely places occur.

Be on high alert at all times. If you are travelling with children, be extra careful so you do not lose them, which can disrupt your holiday plans. The same goes for your luggage.  

When planning to visit a new place, be cautious not to get lost, especially when walking in unfamiliar places. Whether you are travelling with your family, in a group of friends or solo, keep your guard on all the time, and train yourself, and those travelling with you to keep their guard.

Listen to your heart, mind, and gut. If something feels uncomfortable, get out of that space, ensuring that you stick together with your loved ones without panicking. 

If your travel plans include engaging in outdoor activities, research in advance to find out about safety, and security issues. If you are planning to stay at a hotel, or resort, or plan on camping, be sure you talk to the management about your expectations and to find out more about your accommodation facility. 

Be careful how you use your mobile and other tech gadgets in public spaces. If you must use your mobile phone or tech gadgets, especially to check for locations or other helpful travel information, do it safely.

Be careful how you use a map or a travel guidebook as using them can draw public attention - that you are a traveller and new to the place, attracting criminals.

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