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Five-minute makeup routine you should try

Fashion and Beauty
 Applying makeup needs practice (Photo: iStock)

Have you ever seen those video titles that say ‘easy makeup tutorial’ only for it to include a million steps? That happens quite a lot. One person’s definition of simple might not match yours, so it can be hard to find a routine that you can actually do within 10 minutes or less.

To hack that quick and flawless look you’re going for, you need some training. With time you can become a pro and probably learn how to get your makeup done quickly with no stress at all.

This however is not a promise you will beat your face on the word go, but, hopefully, with these five steps that should take about a minute each, you should be on your way there. But remember, practice as often as possible to ace this everyday look:

Prep your skin

Healthy-looking skin is an essential part of any makeup look. If it’s not prepped properly, it might not look as good even with a thousand products on.

The main basics of priming should always include moisturizer and sunscreen. The moisturizer will give you a radiant glow and the sunscreen is essential to keep your skin protected from harsh rays that could do some damage.

Apply a light layer of foundation

On a normal day when you’re carrying out errands or going to work, you don’t need to do too much. During the day it gets hot and when you have a lot of foundation on, you will look like a mess.

Apply a light layer of foundation, just enough to cover the blemishes you might not want to emphasize. Make sure you spread it well for an even, flawless look.

Do the brows

Eyebrows are one the first things that get noticed. People can instantly see when they’re not brushed, or filled in.

A simple thing you can do is to lightly fill them in (if you need to), with a brow pencil that’s not too dark or too light. If you’re blessed with great brows and you don’t need to fill them in, just brush them.

To keep them in place, you should consider applying some brow gel.

Touch up with mascara

Mascara always has a way of adding that extra wow factor. This is something that’s much easier to do if you’re someone who doesn’t want to deal with lash glue every day.

This process is really simple and all you need to do is get enough product on your mascara wand and brush it through your lashes. To make them pop even more, let your lashes dry for a few seconds and add another layer.

Finish with a simple lip look

A simple lip look can also help to complete your makeup look. You can always choose to just apply some moisturizer but, why not go for something that will make your makeup pop more like lipstick or lip-gloss?!

For an everyday lipstick look, do a nude lip colour. But remember to choose a nude shade that can blend well with your skin tone.

An alternative is lip gloss. Since the shine is already a bold statement, you can do soft colours like baby pink or even a colourless gloss if you don’t want to do too much. 

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