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Things you need to get rid of in your closet

Fashion and Beauty
 Time to clear your closet and start afresh (Photo: JustDial)

It’s never easy giving out or throwing away clothes and accessories we feel attached to, especially when they seem to have been in our closets forever. When you keep unnecessary items in your closet for too long it will prevent you from buying other items you actually need or having a wardrobe overhaul.

As you grow older, your wardrobe also needs to be adjusted once in a while and this can’t be done when you keep your closet clattered with old clothes and accessories. Here is a list of things you need to get rid of in your closet:

The fix-it section

You have probably been keeping these clothes that need fixing and adjusting for way too long and you just seem to never get the time, it’s time to let them go. If you can’t find the time to fix them, it only means you don’t need them or like them that much.

Clothes you have worn once

If you have only worn it once and can’t figure out where else you can put it on, it’s time for it to join the donation section. Some of these clothes include your bridesmaid dress or that short skirt you went to the club with once.

Clothing clones

How many yellow tops do you need in your closet? Or how many white shirts can you really put on? You might feel the need to define your personal style but having a similar item in multiple shades only makes your closet clattered and creativity deficient.

The ‘other you’ clothes

In your other life, you probably spend a good part of it partying and dressing in short and tight clothes but the reality is you haven’t been to a club all year and don’t need the outfits. You spend more time at the office and clearly need to invest more in clothes that suit your now life.

Promotional clothes

They are very common with cooperates especially for Friday casual wear but you don’t have to have a whole stack of free t-shirts in your closet. These freebies are keeping you in your comfort zone and preventing you from building your personal style.

Shoes that hurt

You are probably waiting for them to break in and fit but this may never happen, they are simply too small or uncomfortable. Get rid of those shoes and find replacements that can serve you better, this goes for those high heels you are hoping to learn how to walk in, someday.

Old designer accessories

You are probably holding on to those belts or bags hoping they will come back into fashion but this may never happen. Instead, you are stuck with bags or belts from the 2000s era you may never style again, get rid of those oldies and create space for newer, better accessories.  

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