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Wardrobe hacks every woman should know

 Looking good and being fully confident about your outfits will take some time (Photo: iStock)

Looking good and being fully confident about your outfits takes some time. We've all made a couple of mistakes over the years so there's no shame in making a few blunders here and there. From awkward camel toes to ill-fitting bras, we've done them all.

For you to be happy with your outfits, you have to be in a constant process of learning. You have to understand how to dress according to your body and equip yourself with some wardrobe hacks too. To get this art right to the tee, here are some basic hacks to get you started:

Shop your wardrobe by redesigning

This one is a hack that will allow you to have "brand new" clothes without spending a lot of money. You will do this by getting the clothes you're bored of readjusted or customized in a different way so that it looks like a completely new outfit.

An example is if you have a denim jacket you're tired of wearing, crop it. Now you have a brand new cropped jacket. Or, if you had a long dress for years that you don't really wear, get it shortened so you can have a new mini-dress. Use your creativity to transform your old outfits into new ones.

Wear seamless underwear for a polished look

Some of the main reasons why people end up with embarrassing panty lines are because they are wearing underwear that isn't their size or bright colours such as white under the light fabric.

Another secret cause is wearing those that have a lining around the edges. That lining, no matter how flat it is, will always risk a VPL accident.

To be on the safe side, just wear seamless undies which have been designed without that annoying lining.

Always have double-sided tape

Double-sided tape can be used for a number of hacks. If you have any awkward gaps between buttons on a particular shirt, you can use them to secure that space. If you have a top that exposes your cleavage area too much when you bend, you could use it to keep your shirt in place too. If you want to prevent the edge of your belt from hanging whenever you're wearing it, slap some double-sided tape on it.

The uses are limitless, and that is why you need to add this item to your closet ASAP.

Brighten silver jewellery with baking soda

If you have some tarnished silver jewellery and don't know what to do, grab some baking soda and foil. Line a container with the foil, with the shiny side up, then pour enough baking soda.

Place the jewellery on top of the baking soda and pour in boiling hot water. Remove the jewellery, be careful not to burn yourself and polish with a soft cloth.

Get insoles and inserts for your heels

Having insoles and heel inserts is the ultimate hack for you if you love wearing heels. We know that heels are certainly beautiful but, they can get very uncomfortable. Even the ones that aren't too high.

So, buy a couple of insoles and invisible inserts that will always ensure you're comfortable.

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