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Habits ruining your sex life

Between The Sheets
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 These habits could be ruining your sex life (Photo: iStock)

 Most couples would love to have a thriving sex life. Having sex often helps build your bond because this is something so intimate and precious.

Although sex is an important part of your relationship, there are times when things start to slow down. You might be going through certain phases where your minds aren’t necessarily focused on sex and that is normal.

But, there’s a problem if you actually want to have sex but your body is struggling to catch up. This gradual decline in your sex drive can happen without you noticing and a common reason is lifestyle habits.

To revive the intimacy in the bedroom, avoid these habits:


Overindulging in unhealthy foods is never a good idea. There are so many health problems that come with it and your sex life is likely to take a nosedive as well.

These unhealthy foods affect the hormonal balance that’s needed for a strong libido and there is also the risk of becoming obese, which can limit your arousal and stamina as well.

It’s time to clean up your diet and sign up for that gym membership for things to change.

Poor sleeping habits

Sometimes we underestimate how important sleep is for our bodies. It might not seem like a big deal to stay up late every night but after a while, the signs will start to show.

When it comes to sex, lack of adequate sleep invites a number of issues. First, you will always be tired, which leaves no room for happy and healthy sex life and, you might start to experience problems connected to sexual dysfunction.

This has an effect on both men and women so you should start being stricter with your sleep schedule.

Too much sugar

Sugar can sneak into your daily diets very stealthily. If you generally eat healthily but aren’t aware of how much extra ‘bad’ sugar you’re consuming, you will still have some problems.

The issue with too much sugar is, that it affects your system’s blood flow which can lead to erectile dysfunction in men and dryness in women.

It can also affect your mood and limit your overall sexual stimulation, which will have a big impact on your relationship in general.

Too much porn

Porn has now become openly embraced in relationships. Although it might work for someone people, there are so many studies that warn about the effects on your relationship and sex life as a couple.

Porn changes how your brain responds to stimulation and that will make it harder for you to respond to natural stimulation especially when it’s coupled with too much masturbation leading to issues like erectile dysfunction.

If you’re struggling with addiction, you should seek some help so that you can gradually recover and restore your sex life.


The scariest thing about smoking is the risk of cancer. Besides that, there’s an increased risk of hormonal imbalances. When your sex hormones aren’t balanced, you will struggle to get and maintain an erection and for women, there will also be a problem of dryness.

You definitely need to think about the impact smoking will have on your life in general and your sex life particularly.

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