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Forty is the new sixty, thanks to money and liberal mindset

 Forty is the new sixty, thanks to money and liberal mindset (Photo: iStock)

While the threshold for competence has been pushed high up the scale, the age requirement has been pushed down in the opposite direction. Let me explain this using a simple contextual example that we can all relate to.

You see, previously when we still had the powerful Provincial Commissioners heading the local administration, the title Chief Principal was a preserve of old men and women only one breath away from retirement. These oldies, who used specs to support their waning sight competence, only served in these roles for a few years before they retired to the farms.

Titus Naikuni was one of the youngest CEO of his generation when he led KQ to regrettable loss margins. He was a flamboyant middle-aged man.

Yet today, companies are looking for GMs and CEOs in their twenties and thirties and LinkedIn is awash with them - young boys and girls armed to the teeth with spectacular education profiles and vast experience that they start to accumulate in school days. Today, two-year-olds are already in school and at twenty-one, they have earned their first degree and are well on their way to the second by twenty-three. Such changes are replicated in the social space as well.

Anyway, I digress. Let’s forget the job industry and come back to the everyday lives of every Tom, Dick and Harry. You see, the social handles can lead you to corners where secret stuff happens publicly. Telegram, for example, has links to some dark alleys where adults express themselves as adults and make consensual agreements that match their ages with little privacy. Previously sugar mommies were old bank managers who were either widowed or had become filthy rich to need a husband. Back then.

The other cadre of sugar mommies were aged Kikuyu widows of businessmen who had been killed in controversial circumstances but dead nonetheless.

Others were wives of dead top scholars who lived in Kabete and other suburbs whose husbands had been claimed by the powers that be for their contributions in opposing the establishment. Sugar mommies largely drove Harriers, black ones especially. Many of them were associated with some kind of dirty dealings associated with the demise of their partners and were, therefore, unable to establish any proper relationship with another man due to their dented image in the public eye.

To be able to rack up that kind of dirty resume to qualify to be viewed as a sugar mommy, a woman had to be nothing less than fifty years old. But things have changed fast.

Now, gorgeous women between the ages of 35-40 years with wrinkles only in unseen and flaunting intact titties now shamelessly live their lives supplying nectar to Ben Tens. They have sites on these virtual platforms where they seek young boiling blood to heat their nether regions to levels bordering destruction. The bar has been pushed too low these days. To imagine 35 - 40-year-olds can be sugar mommies?

A combination of many factors has led us to this point. One is the money which we encounter at a pretty tender age compared to our mothers who were considered successful, two, is the truism of liberal mindset that has permeated our being and settled well enough to define how we see life from a different prism. Sex has been hyped so much and women just like men are now looking for the best services the market can offer. While moneyed men in their early forties are combing the nightlife looking for young flesh and engaging school girls that are tender and unused, the women have stepped up to match the offer.

Considered old at forty, we have decided to use the lemon thrown at us to make fresh lemonade. In embracing that description, we have made tit for tat a fun game by looking over in the other direction to engage younger offers that are tenderer and more turgid even if we have to pay for their services.

The modern sugar mommy despite being a lot younger offers the same services as the grannies of the past generation. The boys get their school fees paid and earn themselves cheap rides like Nissan Note and Juke to drive around town while madam is munching top-tier figures in corporate offices deciding key global matters.

Sometimes we buy the boys homes in Eastland and extend some stipend to maintain their young families so that the naïve wives believe that their husbands are working hard on some foreign assignments over the weekends at the residences of their bosses in Karen. If anything looking at it from the point of life expectancy which has been significantly reduced, it is fair to say that the forties are the new sixties. Live and enjoy life.

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