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I want to make a difference!

 I want to make a difference! (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

I would love to do something special with my life, but I have no idea how to even start. How does anyone make a difference these days?


Chris says,

Hi, Different!

Start by no longer accepting what people tell you at face value. Never again listen to someone without wondering what’s behind what you’re hearing. Maybe the information’s mistaken, or biased, or they’re making money out of you? So evaluate everything.

Especially things that the whole world seems to agree on! Like how every ‘expert’ says you must get the largest mortgage you can and buy a big house.

But they are all making money out of land, construction or finance! So maybe their advice is benefiting them more than you.

Ordinary people never question authority. They are easily intimidated and scared. So always ask yourself whether a politician is acting in your best interests.

Remember that your taxes pay politician’s salaries, so next time you hear one making promises that you suspect will never be fulfilled, maybe you should give them a hard time. Or maybe you should enter politics? Not for yourself, but to make society a truly better place.

Average people sit at their desks all week doing just a few hours of meaningless work, bored out of their minds. Do not be one of them.

Find a job you can get excited about. Or start a business to create one. Or study something you find so interesting that your studies are a joy, and which will help you reach your goals.

Read and travel, so you can understand other cultures, and question your own. Ask whether there are better ways of doing things.

Start writing that book instead of just thinking about it, create that business instead of just dreaming about it, and risk drawing attention to yourself by standing up for what you believe.

Because you do not have to live your life according to ‘the rules.’ Instead, choose your path. Find what you can offer the world that no one else can, never take no for an answer, and you will make a difference!

All the best,


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