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Foods that might make you age faster

Some foods could lead to premature aging (Photo: Shutterstock)

People have all sorts of wishes, and ageing isn't one of them. Your diet contributes to a huge percentage of how your body grows and ages. If you are what you eat, then you want to eat the good stuff. Some of the foods to say no to as to remain looking sweet sixteen are the following.

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Fried foods

While it may be hard to stop your craving for french fries, this and other fried foods could bring out the wrinkle faster. Transfats, which are unhealthy fats, can lead to the distraction of collagen leading to premature wrinkles.

Processed meats

Agreeably, bacon, sausages and hotdogs are easy to eat not to mention delicious. However, these meats are filled with preservatives and sulfites. These are a key contributor to inflamed and puffy skin making you age faster in the long run.

Too much sugar could lead to damaging your skin's collagen (Photo: Shutterstock)

White sugar and sugary foods

Reaching for more sugar for your tea, pastry or chocolate could cause more than cavities. Too much sugar in your diet could kick start a process called glycation, which damages your skin’s collagen. Substitute sugar with honey for natural and healthy sweetness.

White bread

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Whole wheat bread is easy to digest and can help slow the aging process. White bread has a high glycemic index which causes inflammation in the body. This consequently catalyses the aging process.

To keep the signs of aging at bay, opt for healthier foods. A better meal a day will keep the wrinkles away.


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