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Are beauty alterations a lack of self-love?

Beauty alterations are often to enhance parts of our bodies that we're insecure about (Photo: Shutterstock)

We all have insecurities, particularly those related to our bodies, that we wish we could change. Some people actually take the plunge and get ‘corrections’ or ‘improvements’ done. While we are all free to do as we please to our outward appearance, beauty alterations, it can be argued, are a manifestation of a lack of self-love.

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More often than not, procedures such as those that help in weight reduction, change of skin colour, enhancement to certain parts of our bodies, are done sans a medical recommendation. They are, rather, a personal prescription based on what we think beauty is.

The bigger, the better

Over the last couple of years, the above moniker has taken the world by storm. From breast to butt implants to lip and cheek fillers, women and some men have opted to get their features enhanced in an effort to make them ‘better’.

The perfect nose

Blame it on Cleopatra, but nose jobs have been around for decades. The perfect nose, some have argued, has the perfect proportions for your face. The result? Nose adjustments to make it bigger or smaller.

Skin bleaching

This treatment is usually done to lighten skin and is commonly done by people of non-European descent. Lighter skin is seen as better, sometimes called ‘fairer’. Among Black women, loving your melanin has become an anthem with women and men being urged to embrace their dark skin. And this call has been heard by beauty industry magnates who are now producing products suitable for a variety of skin tones.

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Tattooing and piercings

In some cultures, tattoos and piercings are a part of their tradition and a symbol of beauty. These enhancements have become popular among new age societies with fans using them as a form of expression.

Outside voices

When you dig deep, many body modifications and beauty alterations are a result of insecurities. These commonly come from society’s view of what the perfect body should look like. These opinions are drummed into women through advertisements, ‘beauty rules’ and products that target a certain type of woman.

Some of the benefits of loving yourself are self-confidence, positive self-image, self-assurance, self-compassion and most importantly self-acceptance. When you practice self-love you are less likely to fall for other people’s definition of beauty and get alterations done.

Then, remind yourself every day that our differences are what make us who we are, and the world needs each of us just the way we are.

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