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12 quotes on self-forgiveness

Yesterday’s regret only steals the joys of today (Photo: Shutterstock)

Life is full of ups and downs. We all go through pain, hurt and disappointment. Whatever the case may be in your situation, you need to dust yourself up and get out of that rut.

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We are not here to tell you to stop crying or hurting because you were hurt. Mourning and pain is a path you must go through alone and when the time is up, you will know when you are ready to let go.

Through that dark moment, encourage yourself with quotes that will quicken your healing leading to forgiveness.

Below are some of the best self-forgiveness quotes.

Self-forgiveness is a slow process. Slow, but sure

Self-forgiveness isn’t an easy process. We are usually so hard on ourselves and we keep reminding ourselves of the mistakes we made.

Be careful not to rush yourself into healing. Take your time and embrace every part of the process.

Accept what you can’t change

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The past is gone and you can’t change it. What you can do right now is, focus on making better decisions going forward for the sake of your future.

The person who desperately needs your forgiveness is you

Many of us are more careful about how we treat others than we do ourselves. We’re quick to show kind to those around us and forget to be kind to ourselves.

Before you can think of learning to forgive others, you must first embrace the art of forgiving yourself first and foremost.

You’re only human and everyone makes mistakes

We don’t like to air out our failures. People mostly talk about their achievements and successes and this can make us feel alone on the inside.

The reality is that people make more mistakes than you think so forgive yourself more.

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Mistakes are the lessons that needed to be learnt (Photo: Shutterstock)

By forgiving yourself, you set a prisoner free

The mind can turn into an invisible prison when you’re filled with self-blame. But as soon as you work on the deep rooted issues and forgive yourself, you are set free mentally and your view on life completely changes.

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Inner resentment is poison to the soul

Self-compassion and forgiveness is good for the mind, body and soul. They are all interconnected because the effects of emotional stress start to show over time.

You should therefore take time to address past issues you have been avoiding and forgive yourself.

Mistakes are the lessons that needed to be learnt

While we can’t change the past, there’s a lot to learn from it.

It gives you the opportunity to learn what you could do different and even help others learn from your experiences.

Life has many chances to give. And you only notice those chances by embracing your past and learning from it.

Self-forgiveness is the ultimate show of love

We say all the time that we love ourselves but do we really mean it when we resent ourselves for mistakes?

The best gift you can give yourself is forgiveness. This is how you show yourself genuine love and care.

Forgiveness is strength

Self-forgiveness is a hard thing to do. It’s why many people are stuck in the cycle of distracting themselves from deep issues as they pop up over and over again.

When you find the strength to face the monster head on, you begin to heal and open yourself up to many possibilities that life has to offer.

It’s definitely something to be proud of when you gather the strength to forgive yourself.

By forgiving yourself, you set a prisoner free (Photo: Shutterstock)

Yesterday’s regret only steals the joys of today

The battle with regret never ends until you forgive and let go.

It prevents you from enjoying your successes and discredits any progress you’ve made in the present. For that reason, don’t allow your past to steal your happiness.

Accept your mistakes and forgive yourself

Some decisions we have made in the past probably weren’t the wisest.

Although things could have gone differently, you did what you thought was best at the time.

The best thing to do is to accept your mistakes and move on from bad decisions.

God heals and forgives

You could always use a boost when it comes to self-forgiveness and there is no better way than connecting with God.

When you incorporate God into your healing, you are able to truly forgive yourself and remain encouraged.

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