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Men too experience hormonal imbalance

Men, against the general assumption, also experience hormonal imbalance (Shutterstock)

We now know that hormones are messengers to allow and regulate biological processes in our bodies.

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“The body will not function as expected without hormones,” says Dr Eva Njenga, a physician endocrinologist.

Hormonal imbalance can be deadly. It should never be taken cavalierly, says Dr Njenga.

When the symptoms have strong resemblance to what has been presented, and one suspects correlation with hormonal imbalance, the natural course of action should be to visit an endocrinology clinic to have hormone profile tests.

“Nearly all the major hospitals in Kenya have an endocrinology section equipped to handle hormone related conditions,” says Dr Njenga.

Men, against the general assumption, also experience hormonal imbalance.

The most important of male hormonal imbalances would be related to testosterone fluctuations – which has been determined as the cause of infertility in some men.

Dr Eva Njenga (Courtesy)

When a man has low levels of the hormone effects may include low sex drive, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, reduced muscle mass and depression.

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In the converse, some men may have extremely high amounts of the hormone. According to Dr Khasakhala, men with too much testosterone tend to be physically aggressive.

Some studies have also correlated higher than normal levels of testosterone in men to more likelihood that the man will engage in risky behavior such as unsafe sex and even criminal activity.

Whether man or woman, hormonal imbalance need medical attention at the earliest time.

Causes of hormonal imbalance are diverse, says Dr Njenga. Some drugs – when taken for a long period of time – cause hormonal imbalance.

“At the top of my mind I think of steroids. Some people are buying them over the counter and using them for pain without prescription,” Dr Njenga says.

As a result, she says, one may steroid induced diabetes or steroid induced Cushin’s disease.

Eating disorders, like anorexia, also cause hormonal imbalances, she says.

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