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How to emotionally prepare for parenthood

Becoming a parent comes with many changes and responsibilities (Photo by Benji Aird on Unsplash)

The world of parenting can be quite intimidating. When it’s your first time and the baby is on the way, you start to think about how your life will change and the responsibilities that come with it.

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When we think about our own parents, we notice that certain values have been instilled in us and made us who we are. Every day, we still continue to learn new things and evolve into better versions of ourselves. Admittedly, we also have those times where we wish things could have been done differently.

In those moments, we start to reflect on how we can change things when it comes our own kids.

All the same, parents play the biggest role in children’s lives. Their presence or absence, action or inaction, can change the course of their children’s lives.

As a first time parent, these are the things you should reflect on. The first step to preparing for parenthood is accepting the changes that will come and preparing mentally for it.

To help you with this new exciting journey, we have some amazing tips on how to emotionally prepare for parenthood.

1. Create a good support system

In real sense, you can never fully rely on yourself to raise your kids. You need good people around you who can help you and encourage you as a parent. When you have a few good people that you trust around you, parenting becomes significantly easier. You need people around you who can keep you in check and honestly advise you when you are wrong.

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A good support system is also very essential for single parenting. For one reason or another, you might have to brace yourself to raise your child alone. Through a good support system, you are able to be on your toes and have hope that things will be just fine.

2. Manage your expectations

When it’s your first time as a parent, it can be hard to gauge what that life is all about. If you set your expectations too high and expect things to turn out a certain way, you might be disappointed. Nothing can fully prepare you for certain milestones such as the ‘terrible twos’ or even naturally defiant children. If your mind was fixated on a certain outcome, you might actually be prone to stress and irritability. Sometimes, the best mental preparation is going with the flow and expecting anything. This way, you’ll be able to handle situations rationally once you start your new parenting life.

Discuss parenting expectations long before the babies come (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Connect with your partner

One of the most important steps of preparing emotionally is discussing with your partner beforehand. With open and honest communication, you’ll be able to agree on how many kids you might want, parenting styles and other important issues regarding parenting. This will strengthen your bond as parents and help you both prepare at an emotional level.

4. Make use of online platforms

Online platforms instantly connect you to videos, articles, social networks and other platforms that you can learn from. With one click, you have access to different tips as far as parenthood is concerned. Here you can also build friendships and bonds with people who have gone through or are going through the same journey as you, or even get tips on how to manage stress when you have kids. This is a great addition to physical connection with people close to you because you can reach out and exchange ideas with people who aren’t necessarily in close proximity.

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5. Build your self confidence

Parenting is also one of those areas in life that require confidence. With the right attitude, you’ll trust that you’ll do your best. When you have doubts, you might end up blaming yourself whenever your kids are unhappy even when it’s not your fault. Build your self-esteem and approach parenthood with confidence.

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