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Breast cancer awareness: UAP Old Mutual Tower turns pink

The UAP Old Mutual Tower lit up in pink

If you’ve observed the Nairobi skyline at night, you might have noticed the brightly lit UAP Old Mutual Tower whose thematic lighting sets the building apart.

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Estee Lauder Companies (ELC) Country Manager Sub Saharan Africa  Mario Lazzaroni 

This month being Breast Cancer Awareness month, UAP Old Mutual has partnered with renowned beauty company Estée Lauder, to create awareness on the disease. As such, the iconic tower will be lit up in pink for the whole month.

‘The tower joins other landmark buildings and monuments around the world in lighting the skyline pink,’ a press statement read.

Maureen Waititu and Hellen Ojwang' joined other guests at the lighting ceremony

This is the first time this is happening in Kenya. Other iconic buildings which have turned the skyline pink include the Empire State Building in New York, USA, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and the Tel Aviv Ferris Wheel in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Group Managing Director  Life, UAP Old Mutual Group Jerim Otieno

According to a 2018 report released by the World Health Organisation, breast cancer is one of the leading cancers diagnosed in Kenya.

Lucia Musau and Loise Machira

About half of the women diagnosed with the disease die from it due to late diagnosis and treatment, lack of access to and the high cost of proper treatment.

Ikran Omar and Sheila Kimani

A fundraising campaign will also be held on October 26, whose proceeds will go towards fighting the disease.

Photos: Standard/David Gichuru

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