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Things you should know before bleaching your hair

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The right hair colour can take your overall look from a plain Jane to a bombshell.And it is for this reason among others, that many of us have changed their hair colour from its original shade to another.

A new hair colour boosts your confidence especially when you’re looking to explore something new. If you’re feeling bold, you can decide to bleach your hair and play with various hair shades such as platinum blonde or fiery red. Getting your hair bleached is a delicate process and requires uttermost care in order to have the best results.

Before you get your hair bleached, here are some of the things that you need to consider lest you hair falls out prematurely.

1. Ensure the stylist is qualified

When you finally decide that you’re getting your hair bleached for the first time, there is no hiding the excitement it comes with. You already start to think of all the colours that you’ll try next. While you get all giddy and happy, it’s important to carefully choose who will do it for you. Get some genuine reviews in order to be confident. A good stylist will not advise someone to bleach their hair immediately after getting a relaxer or insist that they will get to platinum blonde in just one session.

In many cases, there are bleaching sessions that have gone wrong and led to disastrous results. It’s better to take time when finding a stylist rather than live with the consequences of a bad one. Get a referral if you must.

2. Avoid DIYs

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Hair bleaching is one of those things that should not be done at home especially for the first time. There are many videos and tutorials that might encourage you to do so at home but please don’t be tempted to dare. The same way there are successful home bleaching videos, so are those that have gone awfully wrong. For this reason, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to properly bleach and treat it, rather than having scalp burns and botched jobs. So not worth it, trust me!

3. After care is essential

Before you get your hair bleached, keep in mind that your hair routine will change. The products you used to use may have a different effect on your hair post-bleaching. You might have to buy shampoo for coloured hair and other products that are suitable. Your hair treatments will also have to be regular in order to prevent breakage and dryness. Be ready for these expenses beforehand.

4. Bleach will change your hair texture

Bleaches usually have chemical components that can alter how your hair feels and looks. Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide found in the bleach can often make the hair feel rough and thick as well. Also, they can change your curl pattern and porosity. This new hair texture could take some time to get used to.

5. You’ll be able to play with more colours!

This is probably the best way to achieve a vibrant shade when trying out different colours. The process of bleaching the hair to achieve a vibrant colour is known as a ‘lift.’ If you want to have a bright red shade, it won’t be as vibrant when you directly add red dye to dark hair. The red will end up looking more maroon than red. Therefore, bleaching will definitely help you play around with bright and fun colours placing tons of options at your disposal.

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