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Seven weird signs you are pregnant

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To most women, the obvious signs of pregnancy include missed period, morning sickness, food aversions, and swollen and sore breasts.

But did you know there could be more? In pregnancy, some women experience changes that are out of the ordinary and may not really point out as pregnancy signs.

To help you figure out what those strange symptoms you are experiencing could be, here are some of the unusual manifestations of pregnancy.

1. Change in body temperature

Temperature changes vary in women. Where some may experience shivering episodes, others feel extreme heat especially after waking up in the morning. Elevated body temperature in the morning following ovulation is one of the earliest weird pregnancy symptoms. This is to be considered a possibility especially if these changes run for two or more weeks.

2. Constipation

Constipation conventionally occurs when you are dehydrated or lacking in dietary fibre. Some medications and physical inactivity can also result in difficulty when it comes to emptying bowels. Constipation is one of the uncommon signs of pregnancy since anyone can have it. In early pregnancy, your digestive system has to be slowed in order to allow proper nutrient absorption for your baby. This in turn leaves you feeling bloated and wanting to pass out gas or go number two.

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3. Spiralling emotions

It can get confusing when you get to experience emotion changes out of nowhere. One minute you’re overwhelmed with excitement the next you’re enraged and on the verge of crying. You then realize that your reaction towards certain things changes and you cannot understand why. These fluctuations could be an indication of conception and they are caused by hormone inconsistency in the body. When you also feel heightened exhaustion and fatigue, these are effects of hormones change and thus a sign of pregnancy.

4. Runny nose

Normally when your nose gets stuffy, you presume that a cold is all that it is because everyone gets a cold. A simple cold could not get you up on your feet to go looking for a pregnancy test kit, now would it? During pregnancy, however, your immunity is lowered rendering you susceptible to illnesses such as the cold and flu. Nose stuffiness occurs due to inflammation caused in the nasal passages as a result of escalated supply of blood to your body. 

5. Cramps

Mild cramps are experienced by some women during the early stages of pregnancy. This is one of the most unusual signs of pregnancy as it is hard for a woman to tell that they are pregnant and not having their monthly periods. It is especially so since cramping can be accompanied by spotting or slight bleeding. Spotting is brought by attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterine wall.

6. Frequent bathroom visits

Most women have shown the tendency of making trips to the bathroom six weeks into pregnancy. For other women, these changes occur immediately when they are pregnant. The urination agitation occurs as a result of uterus expansion which in turn pushes against the bladder. The urgency to urinate is also induced by increased blood flow to the pelvic area caused by the pregnancy hormone, HCG.

7. Vaginal discharge

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Vaginal discharge is experienced by most women and may not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. However, it occurs as a sign of pregnancy especially if you missed your period and it happens right around the time. These secretions happen when the vaginal wall and the cervix thicken as a method of preventing infections.

Pregnancy symptoms can be varied and common depending on your body’s perception of certain changes. The pregnancy changes discussed above should be confirmed with a doctor to be certain. Before taking medication to relieve some of the discomforts felt, it is crucial to seek a doctor’s recommendation first. Better safe than sorry.

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