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Number of hours men spend hiding in the loo from 'nagging wives', chores and kids

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Who knew the one room in the house primarily associated with bodily functions would offer such a sanctuary?

But apparently men are finding their toilets offering them a respite from family life.

So much so, that many of them are purposefully hiding in the loo - and not just for a few minutes, either.

The study was conducted back in 2018 and it uncovered that amidst all the chaos of family life, the men were beating a hasty retreat into the loo for a number of reasons.

According to the study, which surveyed 1000 male participants, men rack up seven hours of time spent in bathroom in a year.

And what's driving them in there?

  • Run away from partners who constantly nag them
  • Stay away from house chores or noisy kids
  • Have an opportunity to use their mobile phones in peace

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But even when hiding out in the toilet, the study, commissioned by bathroom expert Pebble Grey, discovered that one among 10 bathroom visits would be interrupted. This amounts to 171 interruptions throughout one year!

Among the men in the study, 45 percent said they hardly ever got any 'me time'. Among these men, a quarter of them stated that their spouse isn't understanding of how hectic their lives really are.

So are you guilty of retreating to the loo for any of these reasons? Or do you know someone else who is?

And when do mums get to hide anyway?

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