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How to make your long distance relationship work

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Let no one cheat you, dating while geographically separated is hard but not impossible.

Long distance relationships have been considered impossible for the longest time and for good reason.

Most people do not know how to handle being separated from their partner physically on a daily basis. The truth is, this type of relationship dynamic comes with many challenges which require a specific set of solutions in order to work.

Here are a few key tips that can make your long distance relationship work and last.

1. Lay out your rules and expectations

Before you part ways, ensure that you have a deep and serious conversation on what you both expect from each other. Write down some of the boundaries that you should have as far as the relationship is concerned. You should also ensure that you clearly define the exclusivity of the relationship to prevent arguments and eventually, break ups.

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2. Know each other’s routines

One tricky aspect of the long distance dynamic is the misaligned routines. When you are on different time zones especially, it can be difficult to find common time frames to bond. Let your partner know your work and daily schedule so that you can prevent inconveniences and misunderstandings which will trickle down to trust. You’ll be able to set time for date nights, video calls and other activities you enjoy doing together.

3. Trust your partner

Any relationship whether close or long distance is built on trust. Breaking this trust can be very detrimental to any relationship. On the same note, insecurities are also a major cause of break ups. Avoid this by openly communicating with your partner and reassuring them whenever they feel insecure. You should also be honest on your part to prevent unnecessary confusion. Don’t be quick to judge situations. A constantly insecure partner puts a strain on the relationship.

Deal with trust issues before you part ways as this will allow you to believe that the other person will remain loyal while you are away from each other.

4. Effective communication

Many people assume that the best way to keep a long-distance relationship going is by constantly being glued to their phones and talking all day, every day. Some relationship experts advise that it is not necessary to talk every day because you are bound to get bored, with no new stories to talk about. Focus on having quality conversations rather than many meaningless ones. That way, the relationship stays exciting and prevents you both from feeling smothered.

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5. Invest in technology

Thanks to the tech world, there are many ways that a long-distance relationship can be maintained. These days, there are amazing gadgets such as watches, pillows, bracelets, rings, lamps and even sex toys that synchronize touch. These gadgets have been designed specifically for long-distance lovers to minimize the effects of loneliness. Look into purchasing one or two LDR gadgets to add some spice to your relationship.

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6. Be committed to visits

Schedule regular visits with your partner whenever you’re able to. This will help you keep the love alive as you catch up. Also, allow your visits to be flexible rather than filling your to-do list when your partner is in town. Be more focused on quality time with them rather than the planned out activities. Go with the flow and make the visit worthwhile.

7. Patience

This is a very key element for a successful long-distance relationship. When your partner is miles away from you, it can be very difficult and lonely. This puts you in a vulnerable position and you or your partner can be tempted to give up altogether. The truth is, a long-distance relationship cannot work without a patient mindset. Be ready to be alone most of the time until you are able to be together fulltime.

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