Evewoman : Subtle hints she’s into you


Subtle hints she’s into you

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Mr Sir, Do I need to hit you over the head with a mallet?

There’s nothing so infuriating as an oblivious human. How exactly are you walking on God’s green earth (brown right now, global warming, you know) and be unaware of your surroundings? I have shown you all the hints that I’m into you but alas, you are dumber than an intoxicated penguin, a complete airhead. Ayam tayad! Do I need to put up a billboard on Mombasa Road for you to notice? Who else has been found in such a predicament? Worry not, I am here to speak on your behalf.

1. She’s nice, way too nice

There’s the acceptable degree of niceness (is this a word?), you know courtesy. Simple hellos and thank yous’. But when the niceness (I’m still not sure if this is an actual word) exceeds expectations it just means that you, my friend, are important. Take, for instance, you’re at a party and food is being served and a certain mami offers to serve you, mind you, she asked only you. The rest of the men can fend for themselves. She brings you a large serving and sits next to you. Baba what else do you need? A news headline to know that she’s into you? Ladies don’t do such things for just anyone, take a hint!

2. Heavy flirting

Okay so apparently nowadays millennials flirt to entertain themselves. It’s confusing but anyway, I digress. Flirting is usually an indication that someone wants you. So, pay attention to the girl that is making serious eye contact with you. Look out for the body cues (how she leans into you, brushes your shoulder, etc.), how her tone changes when she’s talking to you and maybe, just maybe, the suggestive comments she makes. Bro, she’s batting her eyelashes at you, what exactly do you think that means?

3. They want to hang out with you

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She finds a reason to always be around you, be it a night out or a drive around Nairobi. She wants to be around you. She even makes plans so that y’all can hang out together. Do you see the effort? An individual will not hang around you just for the sake of it, they’re trying to know you better and ultimately have you in their life.

4. They pick up on your mannerisms

Love and attraction are very strange, when attracted or in love with someone you tend to pick up their mannerisms and sayings. All of a sudden, she’s a coffee drinker and uses ‘legit’ all the time just like you. She is copying you because she’s into you, boychild.

5. They reiterate their single status

Sometimes one has to do personal marketing. If she is always talking about her singlehood around you, then she wants you to change the situation. Don’t you see companies advertising their product deals and sales? Open your eyes, wash them with soap so that you can see better.

Ladies, if a certain someone has come to mind as you read this article, don't be afraid, send them the link. I have confessed the attraction for you. And if you are a man and a recipient of this article and you still don’t get the point, please pack your things, we only want intelligent people in this world.

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