Evewoman : WCW: Naturi Naughton, Mrs St Patrick don’t play

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WCW: Naturi Naughton, Mrs St Patrick don’t play

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Naturi Naughton, our favourite homegirl, stars as Tasha St. Patrick in Power. I just thought it would be awesome to have both husband and wife feature in the same week. She may be barely 5ft tall but she is a force to be reckoned with. We present Mrs St Patrick:

Who wants to bet she has a weapon somewhere in this dress. (Photo: Instagram @naturi4real)
Angela could never. She could never. Period. (Photo: Instagram @naturi4real)
Bow down for the Queen of organised crime. (Photo: Instagram @naturi4real)
Serve us legs. Come through little black dress. (Photo: Instagram @naturi4real)
This dress is all sorts of beautiful. (Photo: Instagram @naturi4real)
Look at her, she is literally adorable. (Photo: Instagram @naturi4real)


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