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How to become more emotionally intelligent

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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage yours and others’ emotions. It accounts for 67% of your ability to succeed, and a low EQ can affect your success even if you have a high IQ, skill level and natural talent.

1. Self-awareness

Improving your self-awareness can help you evaluate your shortcomings and work with others around you who are better skilled in these areas.

2. Self-regulation

The ability to self-regulate means you can make rational decisions under pressure.

3. Empathy

The ability to put yourself in others shoes makes you a better manager, able to respond reasonably to personnel problems and provide constructive feedback.

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4. Motivation

Remaining motivated makes you a better worker by avoiding procrastination, meeting goals and increasing your self-confidence.

5. Social skills

Social skills are not only important for engaging with your staff, they are vital for networking.

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