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Five causes of hair breakage, besides dryness

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Dryness, use of excessive heat, tight hairstyles and chemical damage are the most common causes of hair breakage. However, there are some habits that you might take up in the name of caring for your hair which may be contributing to its breakage.

Below are five habits that you should change to reduce hair breakage.

1. Using the wrong comb

Thin-toothed combs pull at your hair causing it to break. It’s best to use a wide-toothed comb or, for extra protection, use your fingers to detangle your hair.

2. Styling your hair when it’s wet

Many natural hairstyles call for the use of water which makes your hair easier to manipulate. According to Natural Hair Rules, your hair is most brittle when it is overly wet. To help reduce breakage, style damp hair instead.

3. Cotton pillowcase

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Your cotton pillowcase absorbs the oil from your hair making it dry. Dryness contributes to hair breakage. Cotton is also rough; pulling at your hair causing it to break.

4. Neglecting coloured hair

Colouring your hair can damage your hair weakening it and making it easy to break. It’s best to deep condition your hair regularly with a protein conditioner to keep it moisturised and make it stronger.

5. Overstretching hair

If you want to limit the use of heat on your hair, it’s advisable to use twists or loose braids to stretch damp hair. Be careful not to make these plaits too tight as they will overstretch your hair and consequently cause it to break.

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