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Photos: Stella set mother-son goals with her baby boy

Stella Adam Konarska

Former Qatar Airways hostess Stella Adam Konarska left Saudi Arabia at 1am on Sunday looking forward to a happy reunion with her family. She was bringing her three-year-old son, Adam Mbicha Konarski, to meet his grandparents, and relatives in Nairobi.

But less than eight hours later, in a cruel twist of fate, her family was thrown into mourning after it emerged that Stella and her son had boarded the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines flight.

She was planning to spend a week in Nairobi with her parents, then fly to the coastal city of Mombasa to visit her brother before flying back to her Saudi base.

Stella was married to a Polish man, Pablo Kon. They got married at a lavish wedding in Poland in August 2015. She thereafter quit her job as an air hostess to concentrate on her family.

Stella, her husband Pablo and their son Adam Mbicha Konarski

She had a strong social media presence. A glance through her Facebook page shows just how much she adored her son.

Stella set mother-son goals with her baby boy. They were simply inseparable as they were always together in the pictures she kept sharing.

Stella hanging out with her son. They were always together
The two were inseparable

On his birthday in 2018, September 5th, Stella declared: “Help me to wish my son Adam a happy birthday, I was in sweet pain on this day until I laid my eyes on him then immediately I fell in love with him... this has been the greatest achievement so far in my life. Loving him unconditionally. Happy birthday my son Adam.”

Together they made a small beautiful family

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