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My word: Why gender balance can’t wait

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As the wind blows, the sun shines and the clouds open up to reveal the stars and moon at night, change is inevitable.

And women exist.

They live and breathe… just like men do. They wake up every morning. They work hard. And they go back to bed…just like men do.

And just like men, women are special. Men are special and women are special. Men have particular unique needs and women have particular unique needs. They also have unique – but probably not exclusive  – abilities. Granted some men have the same abilities that many women have and some women have same abilities that many men have.

The thing is, it’s never really been about competition. Balance is not about who can balance better than the other. Balance is about filling in the gaps that the other one has not (and I didn’t say cannot). Balance is about working together for good. It’s about making things better.

So we shouldn’t fight balance. It isn’t just necessary, it is important. It is also inevitable. Life has a way of finding its own balance so rather than exhaust ourselves fighting it, why don’t we just let it take its natural course?

Balance is good. It can make things better.

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Let's embrace it.                                               

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