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Make your skin look instantly more radiant with these clever tricks

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There's no need to suffer through dry, dull and lacklustre-looking skin in silence.

Hot and cold temperatures may be zapping the life out of your complexion but thankfully there are tricks to putting it back.

Here's how you can boost your radiance with minimal time and effort...

Bring back blush

Blusher is a must if you look drained, says make-up artist Caroline Barnes. ‘Use one with a pinky red tone that emulates blood flow under your skin. Put it in the centre of your cheeks and blend outwards. But don’t take it too high – imagine you’re wearing a big pair of sunglasses so you can't blend the blusher anywhere near your orbital area.’

Slough off the rough

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Glycolic acid face pads whisk off the dead top layer of skin that dulls your complexion, says make-up artist Cassie Lomas. ‘They make skin instantly bright and soft – like a mini facial.’

Embrace oils

Facial oils work wonders on dehydrated, dull skin, says Cassie. ‘Swap your usual night cream for an oil to make your skin look healthier and rehydrate any flaky areas. I also love mixing a drop of oil into foundation – it gives a really beautiful, glowy finish to the skin.’

Master highlight

Highlighter is incredibly effective for cheating skin glow, but many of us don’t have a clue how to use it properly. ‘Use a fingertip to apply it precisely,’ advises Caroline. ‘If you use a brush you can easily put too much on. Gently pat highlighter on the highest part of your cheekbones, then use a brush to blend the edges, so it doesn’t look stripy.’

Tip: How to wake up your eyes

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If you want to open your eyes and make them look more awake, blend light-reflective concealer or a pale shimmer eyeshadow into the inner corners. ‘Then put a soft pencil liner all the way along the top lash line, and use a mascara to lift the lashes, focusing on the outer corners,’ says Caroline.

When you’re tired, this looks much fresher than heavy, smoky make-up.

Correct your circles

If you have serious dark circles, slapping on a light-reflective concealer won’t cut it – either the shadows will still show through, or you’ll have applied so much it’ll look cakey and ageing. ‘The trick is to use a colour-corrective concealer first,’ says Cassie.

If your shadows are blue or purple toned, use a yellow corrector on them, or if they’re brown or dark grey use a peach-toned corrector. Buff the corrector into your skin (it will look weird, but persevere), give it a minute to dry, then use a regular concealer over the top.

Trick: How to soften your lines

Try this trick to diffuse expression lines, so you look less drawn, grumpy and tired. ‘Apply light-reflecting concealer into your nose-to-mouth creases and vertical frown lines, then blend,’ says Caroline. ‘Use one that’s a bit lighter than your foundation, so it’ll bounce the light back and visually plump out lines.’

Ace your base

To keep your glow going, Cassie recommends using a cocktail of radiance- boosting base products. She likes to start with a glow-boosting moisturizer then add an illuminating primer, before applying foundation mixed with a drop of oil.

Tip: Avoid powders

...If you can – you want skin to glow. If you can’t ditch it entirely, use the tiniest amount of translucent powder just on the T-zone.

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