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Physical fitness: The run training workout

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Strength training improves your running ability by preventing injuring, increasing power and improving your stride efficiency. Running requires equal power in each leg so incorporate unilateral moves into your workout. Repeat each exercise ten times each side.

1. Weighted step-up

Stand in front of a bench with a weight in each hand. Keeping your left foot on the bench throughout, step your right foot up, tap the bench and then lower to the ground.

2. Bulgarian split-squats

Stand with your back to a bench, right foot on the ground and left foot resting on the bench. Holding a weight in each hand, lower slowly into a deep lunge then drive back to standing.

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3. Single leg deadlift

Start from standing, holding a weight in each hand. Keeping your knees locked, hinge downwards from the waist lowering both hands towards the floor and lifting your back leg up and back, until you are parallel to the floor. Return to standing.

4. Single leg squat

Stand with your back to a bench and raise your left foot off the ground. Balancing on your right leg, lower down onto the bench then return to standing.

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