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Woman claims in-laws offered her Sh3 million to dump fiancé - here's why she took it

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It can be a struggle to win over the in-laws, as some parents don't feel like anybody is good enough for their sons and daughters.

One woman claims her fiancé's parents offered her an enormous sum of money to dump him - and there was an important reason she decided to take it.

The couple met when the man came for an international visit to her country, and the relationship was rocky from the beginning. When the woman unexpectedly fell pregnant, he asked her to marry him.

She felt that her in-laws didn't like her from the start because they wanted him to be with "a nice middle-class girl" from his country.

"I wasn't entirely sure whether they didn't like me because I'd "trapped Jeremy* with his baby" (their words), or whether it was just because they wanted him back in home with them," she said, anonymously.

She wrote that the relationship had been "slowly chipping away at her self-esteem" - and even her best friend had started to point out that her partner put her down all the time.

After their daughter, Jemma, had her first birthday she said that was when her self-esteem started to plummet because of subtle comments he would make to her about her appearance.

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Although she says that he never hit her, she thought he was starting to develop a "nasty temper" and would sometimes throw things in rows that was making her "grow afraid of him".

So when the in-laws came to stay for the week and she was surreptitiously offered a get-out - she gave it serious consideration.

She claimed Jeremy's dad, Robert, asked her to go for a walk so she took her daughter with them in a pram.

"[He] wondered if I'd be interested in a little incentive to 'release Jeremy' from our relationship. I said, 'You want to pay me to break up with him?' Robert looked me square in the face and said, 'Yes.' "He initially offered her Sh. 2 million ($20,000), but the woman said she asked him to up it to Sh 3 million ($30,000) and he agreed.

"The next week, the money appeared in my bank account, and I told Jeremy I was leaving him," she said, adding that it felt like a way out of the unhappy relationship.

Although she doesn't know now if he ever found out what his parents did, he did return to his country not long after the break-up.

She said that they still stay in touch and she send pictures of their daughter, but she doesn't feel "terrible about herself" anymore - and has used the money for a deposit for a little flat for the two of them.

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