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Flight attendants reveal their odd use for sanitary towels on planes

Flight attendants have to help passengers as part of their job, which can sometimes be difficult when things get messy.

On crowded planes these days, spills are inevitable. Especially in times of turbulence and tiny trays, passengers very easily can accidentally spill something down themselves.

Thankfully, cabin crew are on hand to help, and apparently they have a rather unusual method of doing so.

Flight attendant Emily Witkop has explained how they can use a sanitary towel to remove a fresh stain from a top - and you may want to give it a try at home.

"One trick is not only to use the ever-handy club soda to lift the stain but to put in on a sanitary napkin (maxi-pad) to blot the stain," she explained to the NY Post.

She notes that, unlike paper towels or napkins, absorbent sanitary towels don't leave residue on your clothing - which is ideal for cleaning stains.

However, Emily admits some people are a bit unnerved by this strategy to cleaning.

"You must use good judgement on who you offer this solution to," she said.

"They will either love it or be absolutely horrified."

Emily also revealed some other in-flight secrets.

Apparently flight attendants are very switched on when it comes to passengers trying to sneak off to join the Mile High Club.

If the flight isn't busy, some attendants may turn a blind eye, according to the article.

Emily said she will often give lovers a knowing look to put them off getting some bathroom action.

The flight attendant questions "why anyone would want to" - as bathrooms on aeroplanes are pretty gross.

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