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Five essential fashion tips for women with small breasts

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We all have different features that make us different form each other. In physical appearances, we have tall, plump, skinny, short and all manner of sizes in between.

Our body features like limbs, breast and others all have different appearances. Having large or small breasts does not mostly define who we are but is apart of us.

Knowing how to make good use of your body features builds or breaks the impression people get after seeing you.

For small breasts, there are some really essential dressing tips that highlight what you have and draw attention from features you are not lucky with.

Some of the essential fashion tips for small breasts women include;

Highlight your waistline

With small boobs, your waistline almost seems the same size as your chest and therefore you end up looking more flat.

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Wearing wide belts as accessories, on the other hand, makes your waist appear thinner giving you an almost perfect hourglass figure. This illusion makes your breasts pop out more giving you the fuller look you desire.

Invest in high waist bottoms

Wearing low waist pants or skirts gives your midsection the same an almost uniform appearance while high waists are the complete opposite.

Pants or skirts worn high up your body seem to raise your waistline closer to your bust where the boobs are made to appear bigger. Wide high waist skirts give the best effect for this.

Layer up

Unlike big breasted women, wearing several layers of clothes is easier for small busts without making you look overdressed.

Wearing a t-shirt and an open shirt or alongside another piece of cloth gives you a fuller body hence dealing with your small boobs. Throwing a romper over a t-shirt will give this effect and give you style at the same time.

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Detailed blouses

What else would draw eyes off your small bust than a statement blouse? Go for blouses with details like fluffy sleeves, ruffled necklines, stylish tie-ups, batwings and such.

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This is easy to pull off for a small breasted woman since you don’t end up looking all choked up. The style compliments your upper body without drawing attention to your boobs.

Neckline plunge

Wearing low cut tops balances your figure and gives you a fuller bust look because attention is drawn to your neck. Low V-neck cut tops offer style and give your boobs a bigger look at either side.

You should choose the appropriate bra to go with these ops to avoid wardrobe mishaps such as exposed boobs or bra shows.

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