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Five types of men you should never introduce to your mother

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Dating someone who you wish to spend the rest of your life with means that you’ll have to introduce them to your family, especially your parents. Your parents, and especially your mother, have a keen and understandable reason to question whoever you bring home. This is owing to the impact your chosen boyfriend is going to cause on your life.

Your mother will probably grill your boyfriend in an attempt to know who they are and to find out why you are keen on marrying this guy. She does this because no matter how old you grow, she will still be protective of her baby girl. While you find everything in your man to be perfect, your mother is bound to find fault just by talking to them.

There are men who settle in first and win your mother’s heart immediately. Others however, she finds fault in and may even try to talk you into leaving them. Some of these men you should avoid introducing to her are the likes of:

Your first love

Finding love is always a great experience for both men and women. Science however proves that women are most likely known to rush things once they find love as they love fast and hard. This means you could be overexcited about dating your first love, so hard that you want everyone in your life to meet them. Your mum is likely to see through your excitement and may caution you against taking things fast with him, for she knows only too well that he could break up with you any time and hit you hard with reality.

The married man

While he may have promised you heaven on earth, and buys you everything you want, this kind of man will always belong to someone else, in your mom’s eyes. She has lived long and knows very well that this man could leave you any moment and go back to his family. She also understands that his family comes first and you take the second, or even third position in his priorities and that is why she will refuse to like him.

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The riff-raff

Today’s men can wear whatever clothes they feel like and rock whatever jewelry and hairstyles they like. You could be into this guy who appears rough from his choice of clothes and hairstyle but your mother won’t. This is because the moment she sets her eyes on his earrings, he will translate it to rebellion. To her, he represents the teenage boys she fought hard to keep you away from during your younger days.

The jobless man

Your mother knows really well that you are independent and have your own financial securities. She also understands that life has its ups and downs and people run out of cash at time. Introducing your jobless boyfriend however may not sit right with her. In her mind, this guy you brought home will not offer you any financial support when things fail to work for you hence lack of financial plan B. She may also fear he will spend your money and keep you from meeting personal goals.

The rebound

People who broke up with their partners often meet other people and date them fast to avoid dealing with the heartbreak. The new love is called a rebound and you only date them so you can postpone the pain of losing your partner. When you bring home a rebound, your mother can see directly through your proclaimed love into the real reason you are dating this guy. She knows very well that as soon as you deal with your previous heartache, you will realize you don’t love the new guy and you will dump him.

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