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Cleavage challenge winner reveals it was a scam

A man, identified as Zack Opondo, shared a post on Facebook inviting women to show off their cleavages promising to reward the lady whose photo would get more likes Sh, 20, 000.

According to him, the proceeds would be channeled towards purchasing mastectomy bras for breast cancer survivors.

However, in a twist of events, it turned out it was just for fun and there was no money reward.

The winner, Phenny Awiti- a HIV/AIDS activist, took to social media to reveal that Zack Opondo confirmed to her it was just for fun.

Awiti exposed that she was only awarded Sh 3,000 to acknowledge her and to help her with her struggles.

"So after the win, I was called by Zack, and instructed that the challenge was just for fun, but he will send me KSh. 3,000 to acknowledge me and my babies' upkeep. I rode on it," Awiti’s post read in part.

"I was given an M-pesa message that read KSh 20,000 and something ( I forgot), and Zack clearly gave me an option of updating it on my wall or not. I remember updating the screen shot on my wall, but only after some 4 minutes and pulled it down," she narrates.

On the flip side, the challenge did not settle well with some netizens finding it an outright indecent act.

“As a father of a daughter I’m totally appalled by the open body prostitution I’ve woken up to here online. Happening at a time Luo Nyanza and the country as a whole is grappling with a new prevalence of HIV/AIDS infections, this objectification is utterly disgusting,” a user shared in a long post.

“I wonder who deleted the word decency and morality from our heads. This generation is dead! Just for 20k and you sell your human dignity?” George Owuor wondered.

Patience Claire Maina, on the other hand, silenced the critics claiming that they are only making the post more popular and therefore they are no different with those supporting the challenge.

“Even the fact that those against this challenge are here, viewing, zooming, taking screenshots and capturing the later on commenting on this very post is total hypocrisy! You do not come commenting on the same post you claim to hate, if whatever is done here is not right, keep off, stop promoting it and making it more popular. And some of you, your galleries are full of nudes and nastier stuff than a mere challenge,” she posted.

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