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Ten essential wardrobe hacks all men should know

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An old saying goes, 'never judge a book by its cover,' your dressing, however, speaks volume and one can learn a lot by just taking a look at your choice of wardrobe.

And as the world changes, men are gradually becoming conscious of how they dress. Let’s take a look of essentials that every man who wants to build a simple wardrobe should have;

1. White T-shirt

The amazing thing about a well-fitting white t-shirt is that it looks amazing under any jacket. It really makes its combination with the rest of the outfit stand out and look better.

2. Versatile Watch

A simple white-faced watch with a brown/black leather strap looks good with almost everything you wear, from casual to formal. It might cost you but well, it is all worth it.

3. A white button-down shirt

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There's very little that won't go with a button-down shirt. Worn with a suit for a more casual look, under a crew neck jumper at the weekend or teamed with a pair of slim chinos and a statement belt, this makes it the most versatile item in your wardrobe. Opt for a shirt cut from thick, soft cotton.

4. A pair of black lace-ups

Every man needs a pair of chic black lace-ups. They're simple enough to be worn with a suit, while the elegant shape means that they can just as easily be worn with a tux.

5. A polo shirt

Whether long sleeved or short, a polo shirt is a wardrobe cornerstone because it works with so many clothing. Pair it with jeans or throw it under a sport coat. Either way, it’s hard to make one of these things look bad.

6. Chinos that fit just right

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Did you know that khaki is a color and chino is a cloth? Well, many people confuse chinos by refereeing to them as khaki pants. Anyway, you can get chinos in any color of the rainbow, but the classic khaki shade is always very versatile.

7. A nice blazer to add some variety

A nice blazer will make sure that you don't overwhelm a room with a full suit when the occasion doesn't call for it. But it can also separate you from the crowd a bit.

8. A pair of jeans

Jeans are an important part of every man's wardrobe, and by this time, it's pretty important to have a trusted pair that you really enjoy wearing.

9. A tie collection

Buy a few ties for yourself. When your collection isn't 100% gifts from family members, then you'll actually have some ties that you'll like to wear.

10. Bomber Jacket

This is one of the most versatile styles of outerwear, it can be worn practically year-round and by most body types.

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