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Ten signs that your child might be contemplating suicide

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Children undergo stressful situation too. If left out, such temporary feelings/situations could really escalate quickly. When worse comes to the worst, some of them might chose to end their lives.

Studies suggest that the majority of people who die from suicide give warning signs beforehand. And while teen suicides tend to peak around certain times and events of the year, the reality is that it can occur at any time.

The teen years are an extremely stressful time for many children therefore, as a parent/guardian it is important to pay attention to small details such as;

  1. Lack of interest in favorite activities
  2. Reckless or risk-taking behaviors
  3. Deep feelings of grief, uncontrolled anger, anxiety, shame, hopelessness, guilt or anxiety
  4. Changed eating or sleeping patterns (such as being unable to sleep or sleeping all the time)
  5. Threatening to or talking about wanting to hurt or kill him/herself
  6. Showing a dramatic change in personality or appearance
  7. Talking about not being around in the future or "going away"
  8. Withdrawal from friends and family
  9. Giving away things of importance
  10. Threats or violence from peers

Please take any of the above warnings’ signs seriously. Talk to your teen about it in a non-threatening way. Express concern, support, and love.

If your child does not feel comfortable talking to you, suggest that s/he talk to another trusted adult such as a family member, a pastor, minister, a coach, a school counselor, or a family doctor.

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Do not leave your teen alone.

It is advised to remove the objects your child might use to harm him/herself. Make sure your teen does not have access to guns, other possible weapons or medications.

It should never be assumed that your child is only seeking attention. Sometimes children are afraid to express these thoughts and may present them in a joking manner.

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