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When the kitchen is not your place: Struggles of a woman who hates cooking

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Societal values expect women to naturally love the kitchen but that is not always the case for all women. To some, being able to cook is considered a rite of passage especially when getting married. Woe unto you if you are married to a man who demands you be good chef, even likening you to your mother-in-law. Here are some of the reality struggles that women who don’t like the kitchen endure from day to day as they seek to find some passion for the kitchen:

Recipes never add up

There are those cooking columns you follow, you even have recipe books with self-explanatory instructions. The issue is that the instructions never really make sense. You read through them and you end up as blank as you were before you started. Ou find them overwhelm as you don’t have that kind of energy and determination when it comes to preparing food.

The stereotype that women are naturally chefs

You can’t help but get annoyed every time your man asks you to prepare a meal for them. You want people around you to understand that you love eating and not cooking.

Noodles are also healthy

Noodles make you happy. They are indeed nutritious and you don’t mind having them with eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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What’s the difference between mixing food and cooking?

Woe unto you when you don’t know what comes first when cooking. Should it be onions or tomatoes are the beef cubes? Since the answer has not been available for years now, you have leant a new trick: mix everything in there at the same time!

Burnt food is the order of the day

When you get into the chicken to prepare a meal, chances that those waiting for it will have to deal with the disappointment of burnt food are more than certain. The sad part; you can’t help it either.

You’ve never successfully posted your food

No matter how good your phone is, photos of your cooked food are always dull and not so appealing unlike those shared by the other members of the 'Let’s Cook' page you follow.

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