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Jubilee Insurance under fire for sacking employee due to pregnancy

The Jubilee Insurance firm has come under fire after suspicion of illegal firing of a woman-employee over pregnancy. The firm is accused of using termination to fire former Head of corporate communications Victoria Miguda.

It is alleged that Ms Miguda notified Jubilee Insurance Chairman Nizar Juma of her pregnancy on May 4 2017 and to her dismay, her position was advertised on May 6th, only 2 days later. She says according to her employment contract, she reported directly to Mr Juma who is a non-executive chairman of the firm.

The recruitment notice, she says, was placed online by Lafayette Resources, a human resources capital firm. The same firm that recruited her to Jubilee Insurance.

According to the Star, the witness statement in regard to her notifying Mr. Juma reads, “This I did because although I was to report to the Kenyan CEO, on appointment I was told that the chairman oversaw the communications department hence I would directly deal and report to him’.

In a suit filed by Echessa and Bwire Advocates, Jubilee Insurance is alleged to have discriminated against the claimant and her employment terminated for reasons directly connected to her pregnancy.

Ms Miguda is said to have been subjected to a series of discriminatory actions by the insurance firm including a demotion as the head of communications and subsequent termination in April 2018. During this period, a decision was allegedly made to deny her the 2016 financial year bonus awarded to staff.

Jubilee insurance was served by Echesa and Bwire Advocates on the July 16 in regard to this matter and are yet to respond to the claims.

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